Zonkers Coupons

Nowadays it is really difficult to have a life full of fun and manage monthly expenses at the same. But young needs ample healthy entertainment to grow well. Zonkers are the spot which reserves loads of fun for children. To get more fun in fewer dollars is possible with Zonkers Coupons. One can print Zonkers Coupons from online sources, and obtain many exciting discounts on rides during ones visit to Zonkers.
Zonkers serve its guests with awesome special offers, including:

  1. Zonkers offer the opportunity of winning a free grand birthday party arrangement to those who join Zonkers on Facebook.
  2. If those whose birthdays are coming on Saturday or Sunday celebrate their big day at Zonkers after 4pm on Saturday and entire Sunday, are luckier than the rest of the birthday boys and girls, as they will receive 50 free game tokens.
  3. Zonkers offer other birthday discounts for the month of May. Guests who upgrade their birthday package to Awesome Adventure will get free admission to Bounce House for every child visiting the party. This means a saving of $3 per kid.
  4. Usual inflatable playroom admission costs $4 per child. On Tuesdays and Fridays visitors can purchase a wristband after 4pm, which enables free access to inflatable playroom at the cost of $1 less.
  5. At $6.99 one child gets access to all rides, 4 game tokens and softplay. By just adding an extra dollar, per child also receives lunch which includes two pizza slices and a soft drink.


Zonkers is an indoor theme park designed for children of all ages. Operating hours begin from 10am to the earliest and the park closes at 10pm at the latest.