Stratosphere Tower Coupons

Stratosphere Tower Coupons
Stratosphere is one of the most outstanding attractions of Los Vegas. Trip to Stratosphere is uniquely mesmerizing and the features at this facility are exciting enough to make one crazy. The luxurious adventure to Stratosphere can be quite costly without Stratosphere Tower Coupons. One can obtain various discounts via Stratosphere Tower coupons which serves the guests with great fun at reasonable cost.

Stratosphere Tower’s general admission ticket for an adult guest costs $16. Children receive $6 discount on admission to Stratosphere Tower. This tower offers the benefit of $4 reduction on admission to senior guests. If one wishes to enjoy rides at Stratosphere, one needs to pay additional amount and purchase ride tickets.

Every different ride have a variable cost. For those who are fond of Stratosphere rides, ride discount packages are offered:

  1. Most preferable package for those looking forward for several rides, is the package costing $34 which includes admission to Stratosphere plus unlimited rides. This is an extremely reasonable package as a single ride pass costs $12 at the minimum and the general adult admission costs $16, which means $28 for admission and 1 ride pass.
  2. Another valuable package includes admission and access to any 3 rides for $31. One can access to any ride via this package , without any restriction of opting for a ride costing more or less individually.
  3. Package for tower admission and a ride less as compared to tower admission plus 3 rides costs $5 less.

There is a special discounted admission for Nevada residents costing $4 off the general admission rate for adults.

Stratosphere Tower

Stratosphere Tower is an elegant tallest observation tower in USA, and thus the 5th tallest building in the state.

It opened on April 30 1996.