Six Flags Marine World Coupons

Six Flags Marine World Coupons

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom was previously named as Six Flags marine World Coupons. Current financial crises do not allow you to enjoy; Six Flags Marine World Coupons allow you to enjoy at the park without spending more. Six Flags Marine World Coupons are available at the park and other resources found physically and on the internet.

Six Flags Marine World park offers various discounts including:

a)      Use Discover card while purchasing season passes, merchandise and tickets online and obtain 5% discount on your total amount of purchases.

b)      Receive 5% discount on traveling charges by using US COACHWAYS transportation services.

c)      Get free refills of soda throughout the day by obtaining a soda bottle. Just for 99cents receive refills of soda by brining along the previously purchased bottle.

d)     Stop waiting in long cues for an opportunity to ride by obtaining Flash Card.

e)      Purchase combo tickets containing general admission, meal and parking and save money and time.

f)       Adults and seniors obtain general admission tickets at the price of kid’s general admission pass by purchasing online.

g)      Save a total of $24 by visiting in a group of more than 15 people.

The price of season pass is equal to one day fully paid general admission ticket; purchase more than one season passes at discounted prices and gain various discounts such as:

  1. Free visits to the park throughout the season.
  2. Friends even visit for free due to your season pass.
  3. You receive a coupon book with a value of $300 and get discounts on merchandise, food and drinks.
  4. Visit to all other Six Flags parks for free.

Six Flags Marine World

The park is situated in Vallejo, California and covers a ground space of 140 acres and consists of total of 45 rides used to entertain children, adults and seniors.