Memphis Kiddie Park Coupons

Memphis Kiddie Park Coupons

Memphis Kiddie Park Coupons can help your kids enjoy their time at the park as with Memphis Kiddie Park Coupons; your kids are eligible to use allthe entertaining resources at much disocunted prices.

Pricing at the park is as follows:

  • Each ride requires one ticket and the tickets never expire.
  • Purchase more and save more. One ticket is equal to $1.95; a strip of 10 tickets is equal to $15.5 and a book of 25 tickets is for 25.25.
  • Purchase the book of tickets and recive free disocunt coupons which is equal to half of the price of the book.
  • The park is free for all; no general admission charges applied.
  • Parking is completly free for all viitors.

Celebrate the birthday party of your loved ones at the park and obtain an entertaining day for them at the park. Birthday package is priced as follows:

  1. A birthday with more than 6 to 19 children costs $12/guest.
  2. If more than 20 people visit  the birthday; each guest is priced at 10.75.
  3. Just pay a small price of $2.5 and every child gets a hotdog as a portion of the birthday package.
  4. Purchasing any package offers benefits including: drink, pop corn box, unlimited access to rides for two complete hours and a baloon of kiddie park.

Memphis Kiddie Park

The park is operational throughout the month of May; currently it is only operational on weekends from 10am to 8pm. The park is entertaining visitors since 1952 and currently has 11 rides to ammuse all is guests. The park is located in Broklyn, OH. The park has the capibility of providing smiles on the faces of your kids and satisfaction to you.