Jeepers Coupons

Jeepers Coupons

Jeepers Coupons are readily available to help visitors save money and enjoy their stay at the amusement park. Jeepers Coupons are available at the park and other resources.

Visit Jeepers and purchase play cards available for $5 to $50 and get play points ranging from 20 to 300 points. Play points can be increased by paying a small extra amount. New play card can be purchased for $1 and receive 4 free play points.

Purchase value package and receive 1.5 hours to 3 hours rides and games for $20 to $30. For value package you are offered a large pizza for only $7 only.

Youth Group packages can be availed by people visiting with a group of 15 or more people. One chaperone is allowed to visit the park for free with every 10 paying students. Lunch packages containing Pizza and Beverages for only $3. To avail group packages; you have to register your group with a payment of $100 in advance. Youth group packages include:

  • Youth group package #1:
    • This package is available for $8/per person during weekdays and $12/ per person during weekends. With this package the group gets two hours of games and rides and soft play and one attraction.
  • Youth group package #2:
    • This package is for $11/per person during weekdays and $15/person during weekends. With this package you receive 3hrs of rides and games, soft play and 2 attractions.


Jeepers’ amusement park is located in Elizabeth, New Jersey. You can even celebrate your child’s birthday at the indoor amusement park by purchasing different variety of birthday packages. The amusing options available at the park include:

  • Games
  • Gemstone mining and

Parrot habit.