Elitch Gardens Coupons

Elitch Gardens Coupons

Elitch Gardens Coupons can come handy during your visit to Elitch Gardens Theme Park. Elitch Gardens Coupons help save a lot while you are spending a lavish time gaining entertainment.

Purchasing season passes for you is the best way of saving money especially if you are a local. Obtain free season parking pass with the purchase of four season passes. Additional perks of owning a season pass include:

  1. 2 free tickets for your relatives.
  2. Coupons for offerings available in the park.
  3. 8 free passes to renowned concerts held in Elitch venue.
  4. Early access to Water Park.
  5. Free access to special events.
  6. Extra timings on any rides.
  7. A free ticket which can be redeemed by your friends and family members.

Reduced admission group rates are offered to groups of schools, churches, companies, friends and families. Plan and organize your birthday at the park and your guest receive free general admission ticket.

Strollers and wheel chairs are available for free for disabled people. You can even save $5 on adult general admission pass by purchasing online and save $2 on online purchase of general admission tickets for seniors and kids.

Elitch Gardens

Elitch Gardens is even recognized as Elitch’s by locals and is a seasonal park which opens during April and closes during Halloween. It is located in Denver, Colorado and is a property of CNL Lifestyle Properties.

The huge facility covers a land area of more than 70 acres and consists of 45 rides out of which 7 are roller coaster rides and 2 are water rides. In 1995 the theme park was relocated and all the rides had to be relocated.