Conneaut Lake Park Coupons

Conneaut Lake Park Coupons

Conneaut Lake Park is one of the best tourism spot of Conneaut Lake. To visit this park you should have Conneaut Lake Park coupons as these will help you save money while you and your entire family are at the park having the time of their life. Conneaut Lake Park Coupons are available through various online and offline resources.

While at the park; you can save through various methods:

  1. Join your team in the Volleyball tournament and help increase the visitors of the park. Per team have to pay $30 to enroll their team. If the amount is paid earlier than the due date; you get a discount of $5. Champions will get prizes and trophies.
  2. Go on a boat trip with the park and enjoy the attractions in the surrounding areas. Children below the age of 12 years can take the trip for free. Others have to pay a small price of only $10.
  3. You can even take advantage of the group pricing strategy of the park to save money and earn discounts.

Conneaut Lake Park

This venue is located in Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, USA and it’s a summer season park. The park is recognized for its roller coaster rides; the roller coaster is now recognized as historic by American Coaster Enthusiasts.

The park made its entertaining appearance during 1892 and was previously named as Exposition Park. The park covers a land area of 200 acres and is entertaining people through 29 rides. It has a total of 3 water and roller coaster rides.