Boomers coupons

Boomers coupons

Boomers theme parks are located in three different areas of United States. These theme parks cater to the needs of children and adults so every one can enjoy. Visiting Boomers theme parks without Boomers coupons is not a good option. With Boomers coupons you can maximize the level of entertainment for your kids and yourself.

Various discounts offered at Boomers, Medford include:

  1. Unlimited rides and games at a much minimized charge of $ 23.95. Games and rides include: miniature golf, go karts, kiddie rides and bumper boats.
  2. Unlimited games and rides at a charge of only $16.95. Rides and games include: kiddie rides, miniature golf and bumper boats.
  3. Became a fan of Boomers on Facebook and receive a coupon every month. The coupon can be for games, rides, food, and admission.
  4. On your birthday; you can visit the park for free. To redeem this opportunity; you need to print out Boomers’ webpage and bring along proof of your birthday.
  5. Visit the park with a group of 15 or more people and receive benefits including: meal deals and discounted admission prices.
  6. Join the Boomers’ club and receive benefits such as: play free on your birthday, free spin of the prize wheel and special monthly discounts.


Boomers parks are located in California, New York and Florida. In California; there are 11 Boomers parks, in Florida there are two Boomers parks and in New York there is one Boomer park.

Various attractions of Boomers Park include: miniature golf, kiddie rides, go karts, game room, rock wall, batting cages and bumper boats.