Bonfante Gardens Coupons

Bonfante Gardens Coupons

Bonfante Gardens is now recognized as Gilroy Gardens. Bonfante Gardens coupons are available to help people enjoy while hey are at the park. Bonfante Gardens Coupons are easily available at the park.

Discount offered by Bonfante Gardens through online sources include:

  1. Purchase a single day general admission ticket at the price of kid’s ticket and receive the benefit of visiting the park for free throughout the season.
  2. Purchase general admission ticket online at a special discounted rate of $29.99.

Appreciate your mother for what she has done for you on Mothers day by visiting the park for only 29.99 and receive free rides, champagne, beverages and desert.

Purchase two or more memberships and receive a discount of $10/ membership. You can even purchase 4 memberships plus 2 transferable guest cards at much discounted price of $500. The advantages of having membership include:

  1. Parking for free.
  2. Visits to the park for free for the entire season.
  3. Guests can visit for free on special days and if you purchase 4 memberships with 2 transferable guest cards; you are able to bring two friends to the park for free throughout the season.
  4. A discount of 20% on purchase of any merchandise and food items.

Bonfante Gardens:

The park is now known as Gilroy Gardens located in Gilroy, California. The park is a great vacation or holiday spot for families with young children. You can bring your families at the park to appreciate their efforts. The park consists of 27 attractions and 21 rides.