Beech Bend Coupons

Beech Bend Coupons

Beech Bend Coupons are designed in such a way so that the visitors of Beech Bend can have entertainment of life time at reasonable prices. Beech Bend Coupons are there because economic conditions are not good.

The general admission ticket for seniors and kids is lower than the general admission ticket of adults. With general admission ticket; visitors get:

  1. Drinks for free.
  2. Free parking and sunscreen.
  3. Free mats, tubes, unlimited rides and live entertainment.

By paying $15 extra you can book your visit to the park for two days of entertainment and save $15 on general admission ticket of adults and $10 on kids and seniors. Purchase general admission ticket after 3pm and save $8 on kids and $10 on adults general admission pass.

Groups consisting of more than 15 people can save $7/per person if they register their groups two weeks prior to their visit and groups that purchase their general admission tickets on the day of visit save $5/per person.

Season passes are available at a discounted price of $100; this is the 1/3 price of the season pass. Season pass holders can enjoy all the games and rides at three different attractions including: Beech Bend Park, Splash Lagoon Water Park and Gold Rush Golf.

Celebrate your child’s birthday at the park and all visitors get the benefit of free games and rides, live entertainment and loads of entertainment. The park charges $25/guest visiting the birthday.

Beech Bend

The park is located in Warren County, Kentucky and has been their fore more than 113 years. It has 4 roller coasters and 1 water ride and approximately a total of 40 rides.